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A spider is one of those creatures that will just give you the willies. Most spiders are completely harmless, but if we see one, most of us tend to run away screaming. If you aren't the type that likes to kill spiders, you can make a repellent that will keep them away in the first place. These homemade repellents are much cheaper to make and do not contain any harsh chemicals, which is the problem with the ones sold in stores.

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Citronella Oil

We all know that citronella repels mosquitoes, but it also repels spiders. It seems that most insects hate the smell of citronella. We can use this information to make a spider repellent. Take one quart of warm water and add a tsp. of lemon dish soap to it. Squeeze in five drops of citronella oil. Mix together and fill a squirt bottle. Spray the areas of your house where you have seen spiders. Do this once a week to keep the spiders away. You can also burn a few citronella candles in the rooms of your house where you get the most spiders.

Neem and Tree Tea Oils

Neem oil and tree tea oils are sold at health stores to treat many skin conditions. It turns out that spiders hate the taste of these oils. That makes the oils perfect for using in a spider repellent. If you can't find these oils in your health store, you can purchase them online at a store called Vitacost (See Resources). To make the repellent, fill a pitcher with a quart of warm water. Add two tbsp. of dish soap. Add one oz. of neem oil and five drops of tree tea oil. Mix the ingredients together and pour the solution into a spray bottle. Squirt all of the areas of your house where you have witnessed spiders entering or leaving. If you aren't sure, it won't hurt to squirt the liquid around the house. It is safe for pets and small children. Repeat once a week to keep spiders at bay.

Coconut Oil

Pour some vinegar in a spray bottle and add ten drops of coconut oil. Lightly spray all of the cobwebs in and around your home. This will help to dissolve the cobwebs and keep spiders from building any new ones. The spray is harmless to children and pets, and can be made rather quickly. The only thing you have to be careful of is spraying the mixture near any type of fabric. You will want to test the fabric first to make sure that the solution won't stain it in any way. Use as often as you like.


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