Bon Appétit! Our Favorite French Bread-Inspired Items

Turn your home into a mini boulangerie with these charming French bread-inspired pieces.

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Image Credit: Etsy/DzyDzydesign and NorthWoodsWickCo

Baguette fans who don't actually live in France are truly living in a golden "French bread" age, with endless options to embrace such a delicious obsession—from artisanal "bread of the month" subscription boxes to countless resources for diving into bread-making at home. And there's no shortage of French bread inspo and enthusiasm across social media. If you're lucky, you might even live near a real-life French bakery that makes amazing baguettes to enjoy while bingeing ‌Emily in Paris‌.


But you don't have to limit yourself to food when appreciating the art that is French bread. In the DIY space, modern crafters and artisans draw on bread as a muse for basically any product you can think of—jewelry, candles, even pillows (yes, pillows!). So grab your baguette and read on for a roundup of French bakery-inspired gifts and treasures that look (or smell!) good enough to eat.

Video of the Day

Video of the Day

Let's dig in!

1. Baguette brooch

Want to literally wear your passion for French bread on your sleeve? This baguette brooch from Etsy maker DzyDzydesign will let you do just that. Pair it with a striped T-shirt to emulate classically chic French style. To really up your game, throw on a beret and—you guessed it—eat a piece of bread while donning your eye-catching outfit. Can we make "bread chic" a thing?


2. Linen baguette bag

A linen bread bag, such as this striped version from Etsy maker HalfmoonLinen, makes a great gift for a loved one or yourself. Think of it like a yoga bag...but for bread! Carry it to the bakery or farmer's market, fill it with a crispy baguette and sling it over your shoulder for easy transport. The bag's breathable linen should help freshly baked bread should stay fresh for a little longer than it might in a bread box or on a countertop.


3. Bread proofing set

A bread proofing set, like this handmade one from Etsy seller BitimexHome, makes the perfect gift for aspiring (or experienced!) home bakers. The proofing basket comes with a dough scraper, sifter, stencils and a bread lame for scoring each loaf before it enters the oven.



Pair a proofing kit with other items to make a DIY baking gift basket. Great additions include sourdough starter, charming bread baskets, a bread cookbook or basic kitchen tools, such as measuring cups and stainless steel mixing bowls.

Breadfluencers to Follow

Check out these bread-focused TikTok accounts, aka "breadfluencers," for all the aspirational bread content you crave.

@lemaraisbakery: ‌A French bakery in San Francisco that posts stunning videos of artisanal bread, cakes and other sweet treats that will make you want to reach through the screen and take a bite.

@pastrychef_am: ‌An Italian pastry chef (after all, the French aren't the only ones who do bread well!) who walks viewers through his baking process with clean, simple videos and uncluttered backgrounds. Each batch of dough looks like a work of art—and it's no surprise that the views keep (bread) roll-ing in.

@labellefrenchbakeryco: ‌A Colorado-based French bakery that creates both classic fare and dressed-up desserts for followers to drool over. You'll see massive croissants with vanilla Chantilly filling, pastries designed to fit specific holidays and everything in between.

@madoniabakery: ‌Based in the Bronx, Madonia Bakery has been around for more than a century, though its TikTok presence is a much more recent development. You'll get a behind-the-scenes look at the baking process and marvel at cannoli, cinnamon buns and beautifully braided bread loaves. Yum!

4. Bread wall art

The only problem with hanging bread-themed art in your kitchen is that everyone who walks in will immediately crave bread. Wait, did we say "problem?" This boulangerie print from Etsy artist karliinaanna offers the perfect way to incorporate bread enthusiasm into your home decor.


5. Baguette ring

Put your feelings about French bread front and center with this delightful baguette ring, which is handcrafted from polymer clay. Etsy artisan TheSausage is based in Mattaincourt, France, so this quirky piece comes straight from the source of your carb-filled daydreams. With an adjustable band and even a tiny dusting of painted-on flour, the ring looks good enough to nibble on. (We don't encourage that, of course!)



6. Bread candles

If you love the smell of baking bread but don't ‌actually‌ want to bake bread, this candle is a must-have. NorthWoodsWicksCo makes a bread candle that will make your kitchen smell like a bona fide French bakery. Light it up while snacking on store-bought baguettes or brioche—and skip the kneading and dishwashing that goes into making homemade bread.


7. Carved bread knives

They might be less exciting than shiny new gadgets, but elevated versions of classic kitchen tools make fantastic gifts. After all, a high-quality knife can last for years. Make your own bread-centric gift set by pairing a carved wooden bread knife from Etsy maker Smokymtnbowknife with a cutting board handcrafted by a local artisan and a golden baguette from your favorite bakery.

8. Bread pillow

Do you ‌need‌ a bread-shaped pillow like this one from Etsy seller TwojaPoducha? Probably not. Would it still look ridiculously adorable on your couch? Obviously. Hey, the heart wants what it wants—and in this case, it wants a pillow that looks like bread. Just warn any houseguests not to take a bite once they sit on the sofa!


9. Bread night-lights

The first few times you wake up at 3 a.m. and see a glowing loaf of bread on the wall, it might be a bit confusing. But you'll get used to your bread night-lights (from Etsy maker MuseSky) pretty quickly. Here's the real issue to be solved: You might just wake up craving fresh bread and pastries every morning!

10. Loaf pan covers

These loaf pan covers from Etsy seller SpazaStore make practical and thoughtful gifts for bread-bakers—plus they're eco-friendly. Each breathable cotton cover can be used again and again, so you can keep the contents of your bread pan fresh without resorting to plastic wrap or foil.

Anyone craving some fresh French bread right about now? Snapping up a few cute new gift items (or pieces for yourself) might help distract you until the next time it's baguette o'clock at your house!