Candles That Look Like Food, From Croissants to Iced Coffee

These realistic and downright impressive food-shaped candles just might make your mouth water when they're added to your home decor.

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Love delicious food? Adore cozy candles? Then we've got the dreamiest combo for you: food-shaped candles! Ordinary scented candles are fine and dandy, but there's something so fun and fresh about candles that look good enough to eat (though we certainly don't recommend biting into anything made from wax).


Whether you're taking a quirky approach to your home decor or searching for gift ideas that stray from the norm, our roundup of realistic food candles has you covered. Dessert candles, bread-shaped creations, savory food designs...the list continues.

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Foodies and candle fanatics alike are bound to be delighted. Read on for our favorite food-shaped candles from Etsy's many candle-making maestros (and don't be surprised if you end up buying one of everything on the list!).

1. Cereal candle

Wax Froot Loops, anyone? OK, OK—that might not be the most enticing description, so we'll just refer to this as a sweet cereal bowl candle. Made by SouthLakeGifts on Etsy, the candle is actually available in assorted cereal designs, from Cinnamon Toast Crunch to Lucky Charms. The best part? Scents are curated to match the cereal in question, so you'll enjoy nostalgic sweetness as soon as you light your candle!


2. Corn cob candle

Does your best friend have a thing for corn on the cob? We get it—corn is pretty easy to love, and this corn-shaped beeswax candle from Etsy seller MessnerBeeFarm makes a great gift for any corn fanatic. It's also the perfect way to dress up a DIY seasonal centerpiece or simply pay homage to the cob! Each corn candle has a light natural honey aroma, but there's no added scent.



3. Donut candles

Who doesn't love donuts? These colorful soy wax candles from BurnYourGoodies on Etsy feature vibrant "frosting," sprinkles and fragrances like milky vanilla and English pear. We think these would be especially adorable as wedding favors for a dessert-obsessed couple, but they're also worth adding to your home "just because."


4. Mac and cheese candle

Admit kind of want to dig into this marvelous macaroni and cheese candle from littlecandlematters on Etsy. Made with a combo of coconut beeswax and soy wax, it comes in a small silver container that adds to the realistic effect. And no, it doesn't smell like mac and cheese but features a light buttercream scent instead. So fun!


5. Croissant candle

Calling all bread fanatics! If you're obsessed with the scent and sight of freshly baked bread, this croissant candle from UponScents on Etsy is a must-have. Choose from butter and chocolate croissant designs and then personalize your choice by selecting one of more than two dozen scents. (Pro tip: Opt for the French baguette scent to bring the bread theme full circle!)



6. Strawberry candles

These super-sweet mini strawberry candles from Etsy seller CoolKzGift are sold in sets of four, so you can display them around your home or even add them as unconventional cake candles during your next birthday party. With cotton wicks and a realistic scent, they're tough to beat—just be sure not to leave them out on the counter lest you pick one up and take a nibble!


7. Cinnamon bun candle

The next best thing after making fresh cinnamon buns? Burning a cinnamon bun candle, of course! This creation from VickySeaOnline on Etsy is one of the most realistic food candles we've come across—and it has the mouthwatering scent to match. What's more, many customers report that the seller included freebie wax melts in their orders!

8. Iced coffee candle

Here's the perfect solution for those who (gasp!) don't drink coffee but adore the scent. These iced coffee candles from Etsy seller BrooklynHeartsCandle look ‌and‌ smell like the real deal. You can even choose an aroma to match your favorite brew, from espresso to pumpkin caramel latte. Boost your home fragrance game by making every room smell like a cozy coffee house!


9. Smoothie bowl candle

Let's give a little love to an underrated breakfast food: the humble yet colorful smoothie bowl! Etsy candle-maker endofsummercandleco offers smoothie bowl-shaped candles in three different sizes and two scents (passionfruit pineapple and acai berry). There's even a sprinkle of lavender to represent smoothie bowl seeds!

10. Chicken nugget candle

And now, a little something for the quirky candle lover. This silly and realistic-looking chicken nugget candle from Etsy creator BurntBananna stands just 5 centimeters high, but it certainly packs a punch. Snag it as a birthday gift for the nugget enthusiast in your life or cherish it as a meaningful element of your humorcentric home decor. Either way, you ‌definitely‌ need it.

11. Cupcake candles

Do you love whimsical desserts? You'll fall in love with this fantastically over-the-top candle set from Etsy seller FairytaleCandlesUSA, which combines mini ice cream cones, cupcakes, macarons and cake into a trio of dessert candles. Enjoy the aroma of buttercream icing when you light each candle or simply display them as part of your pretty party decor. We're charmed!


12. Waffle candle

Last but certainly not least is this wonderful waffle candle from ZenCandleanbodyCo on Etsy. Select from scents like blueberry waffle, butter pecan waffle and banana foster waffle and wait for your three-tier soy wax candle to arrive. Breakfast food fans will be absolutely enamored.

Traditional jar candles and plain pillar candles still have their place, but it's hard to deny the simple joy that accompanies candles shaped like beloved fare. Now, go ahead—create a whole buffet of food-inspired candles to feast your eyes (and nose) upon!

Looking for even more candles to expand your ever-growing collection? Check out our list of the best fall candles, which includes selections shaped like apples, pumpkins and pecan pie!


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