Wallpaper Inspired by Your Favorite TV Characters

From the White Lotus to the Arconia, we'll show you eye-catching wallpaper designs to suit every TV setting.

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Have you ever loved a television show so much that you just want to ‌live‌ in it? We can relate. Thankfully, with the existence of just about any wallpaper design imaginable, it's not so hard to pay homage to your favorite programs and characters by way of home decor. When you're ready to dive headfirst into some of the most beloved shows out there, check out our suggestions for fun and fascinating wallpaper inspired by popular TV characters.


Fellow pop culture fans, here are a few selections for your wallpaper wish list.

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1. Tanya McQuoid from "The White Lotus"

Jennifer Coolidge's already-iconic Tanya McQuoid has such a strong presence and personal style that she simply had to top our list. While we were tempted to highlight wall murals dotted with wine glass patterns and oversized sunglasses, Tanya's story called for something a little more complicated. Like Tanya, this Italianate wallpaper design from WallArtLA on Etsy is pretty to look at and decidedly complex—perhaps even a bit over the top. In a dream world, Tanya would spend her days peacefully relaxing in a Palermo mansion with this design gracing her living room walls.


2. Janine Teagues from "Abbott Elementary"

If there's one thing we know about Janine (or Miss Teagues if you're a student), it's that she's incessantly enthusiastic, sometimes to the chagrin of her fellow ‌Abbott Elementary‌ teachers. We think she'd opt for an eye-catching, colorful and undeniably upbeat wallpaper like this selection from Spoonflower on Etsy. The watercolor-inspired pastel brush strokes remind us of something one of Janine's students might create, and the vibrant vibes are infectious.



3. Bertha Russell from "The Gilded Age"

In ‌The Gilded Age‌, Bertha Russell is all about style, appearances and opulence—for better or for worse. This damask-style wallpaper from DMarieInteriors on Etsy captures the glitz and "new money" vibes of Bertha's New York home. Of course, its intricacies make it clear that there's so much more to this cream and gold-toned wall covering than meets the eye. We could say the same about Bertha.


4. Eddie Munson from "Stranger Things"

Nobody rocks like Eddie Munson, and that's a fact. If you want to capture Eddie's fearless yet surprisingly tender personality, consider this tattoo-inspired removable wallpaper from Spoonflower on Etsy. It combines so many elements of Eddie's character: a tough and intimidating snake, butterflies to represent personal growth and, ultimately, plenty of love. This design provides an unforgettable punk rock take on classic floral wallpaper.


5. Wednesday Addams from "Wednesday"

Honestly, if Wednesday Addams opted for wallpaper, she might be tempted to select a solid black. But we'd like to believe that Wednesday has an eye for style no matter how monochrome. This original black and white pattern from DarlingHouseDesign on Etsy is both modern and somehow simple, featuring moth wings that will add a sense of texture and movement to any wall. Just don't ask Wednesday to discuss it with you. She's busy with more pressing matters than interior design.



6. Mabel Mora from "Only Murders in the Building"

Stylish, hip and not scared away by a few bold colors or patterns: That's Mabel Mora. Like Mabel, this unique wallpaper from FancyWallsStore on Etsy isn't afraid to make waves with its vintage boho style. We can just imagine Mabel cozying up in a chair alongside a wallpapered accent wall and popping on her headphones to take a break from all that crime-solving.


7. Julia Child from "Julia"

Whether or not you've followed any of Julia Child's real-life cookbooks, it's hard to deny the charm of ‌Julia‌ on HBO, which tells the story of the iconic cook's groundbreaking television program. Capture that midcentury kitchen vibe with a few rolls of this funky and nontraditional wallpaper from Spoonflower on Etsy. With a fun Pyrex and vintage cookware pattern, this design will add retro charm to any room and might just turn you into a budding home cook.


8. John Dutton from "Yellowstone"

Has binge-watching ‌Yellowstone‌ convinced you that you're actually supposed to be playing out your personal dramas on a rural cattle ranch? Capture that rustic vibe without actually moving to Montana by swapping out sleepy wall art for this "old wood" wallpaper from wallest on Etsy. We think this design would look fantastic on an accent wall, capturing that log cabin vibe with a stylish twist. You might just find yourself buying a pair of cowboy boots to complete the aesthetic.


9. Kate Sharma from "Bridgerton"

Much like our beloved Kate, this ‌Bridgerton‌-inspired wallpaper from jamesandcolors on Etsy appears muted and somehow guarded at first glance, void of flashy colors or over-the-top designs. Upon closer inspection, though, it reveals its true beauty: intricate leaves and florals, winding branches and a few bees for good measure. With its subtle romance, this artistic wallpaper is a perfect finishing touch for your own personal palace.

Whether you're planning a peel-and-stick wallpaper makeover in your home, looking to improve your wall decor game, shopping for new products to embody your love of pop culture or simply exploring creative motifs for your next project, these TV-character-inspired wallpaper options provide a fantastic starting point. Find yourself a blank canvas, load up on wallpaper rolls and create something that would make a professional set designer proud!


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