Home Remedies to Repel Mice

You can keep mice out of your home without traps or commercial products.
You can keep mice out of your home without traps or commercial products. (Image: Michael Blann/Digital Vision/Getty Images)

Mice in the home wreak havoc by creating unclean conditions for your family and destroying your property. Getting rid of them typically involves using traps or poisons. Making sure mice don't return to your home is the next job to tackle. There are several home remedies that work to repel the rodents.

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Cleaning and Sealing

Maintaining a clean house is one of the easiest ways to keep mice from making themselves at home. Store all food products in sturdy, sealed containers that keep mice from sniffing out or accessing a meal. Seal off any gaps, cracks or holes in floors, exterior walls or around pipes that give mice an easy entrance into your home. Don't underestimate a mouse's ability to squeeze through even the narrowest of cracks. If you previously had mice in the house, thoroughly clean any areas where they may have gone to remove any trace of their waste, which can attract other mice.


Mice have a sensitive sense of smell, so offensive scents can help keep the rodents at bay. Mice dislike the pungent odor of mothballs. Drop a few mothballs in any known entrance holes and seal them shut. Sprinkling mothballs around the foundation of your home also repels mice. Caution: Mothballs are poisonous, so don't leave them in areas where pets or small children can reach them.

Herbs and Flowers

The odors of certain herbs and flowers send mice running in the opposite direction. Mice don’t care for many strong-scented herbs. Peppermint and other mint scents work well to deter mice. You can find many of these scents in oil form; simply spray the oil around foundations and baseboards to repel mice. Planting daffodil bulbs and wormwood helps keep mice away. Plants in the allium family, such as onions and leeks, deter mice from coming into a garden as well.

Other Creatures

One surefire way to ensure mice don’t stick around is to invite in their enemies: other animals. Cats naturally prey on mice, and so do some dogs, so adopting a new family pet may curb rodent populations inside and out. Be aware that not all cats are born to be mousers, however. Snakes, owls and other predatory birds also eat mice, so welcome and encourage these wild exterminators in your environment.


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