Homemade Michael Jackson Costume Ideas

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A single glove was Michael's iconic accessory.

Known as the King of Pop, the late Michael Jackson was a pop icon and music legend with fans all around the world. He released some of the best-known pop songs and his album "Thriller" became one of the best-selling albums of all time. Along with each album came a different style of dancing and dress, any of which can be taken as the inspiration for creating a great homemade costume.


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Thriller Costume

Michael Jackson's "Thriller" costume has become very popular, especially at Halloween. Recreate it by wearing tight, red pants that are a little too short, with white socks and black shoes. Team this with a red over-sized jacket — adapt a suit jacket or leather jacket by adding broad stripes of black ribbon. Look at images online for inspiration. Use face paint to create a zombie face and buy a black curly wig.

Beat It Costume

Create Michael's "Beat It" costume by teaming tight dark pants with white socks and dark shoes. Wear a studded belt and an orange or red belt. Wear a tight T-shirt with a colored pattern on it under a red or orange leather bomber jacket. The sleeves of the jacket should be pushed up to the elbow and the pants should be too short.


Military Costume

To create Michael's military costume style, wear dark slim pants and a dark fitted shirt or jacket. Add military style trim to the shirt or jacket by sewing or gluing on gold ribbon and buttons. Wear a black trilby hat, dark sunglasses and his trademark glove on one hand.

Bad Costume

Michael's look for the "Bad" album included plenty of biker style. Combine black leather pants and jacket — look for anything with lots of buckles or zips, or customize a jacket by gluing on as many straps, zips and buckles as you can. Black leather boots and black fingerless gloves accessorize this costume. A long, black curly wig will complete it.


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