We Scoured Etsy for the Best Beginner Sewing Patterns

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Sewing Patterns
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Whether you've never sat down at a sewing machine before or are a few projects deep into your sewing journey, beginner sewing patterns make creating your own garments and accessories more accessible. One of our favorite places to shop for sewing patterns—especially easy sewing patterns—is Etsy, which is home to thousands of patterns for all skill levels.


We researched dozens of beginner sewing patterns, considering everything from clothing to accessories to home decor to find the best easy sewing patterns no matter how much sewing experience you have under your belt. Here are our top picks, plus our tips for what to consider when shopping for sewing patterns on Etsy.

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What to Consider When Shopping for Sewing Patterns on Etsy

Skill Level:‌ When looking at beginner sewing patterns on Etsy, it's important to narrow your search down to easy projects. That being said, this alone might not be enough to capture the most beginner-friendly options. So, in addition to searching, make sure to review the product description for the skill level before adding the pattern to your cart.


Project Type:‌ In addition to searching with your skill level in mind, it also helps to consider the type of project you wish to make. Despite being a beginner, there are tons of easy sewing projects available that meet a less experienced skill set, including tops, skirts, tote bags, shorts, and even fun projects for the home, such as the Craft Owl Handmade Toasty Oven Mitt or the Lila and Tulip Fillable Easter Egg Pattern.


Materials Needed:‌ Another thing to consider when shopping for sewing patterns on Etsy is the types of materials required. To state the obvious, all projects will require fabric and it's important to double-check how much and what type before starting. In addition to fabric, some patterns might also require additional materials such as elastic or trim, depending on the design. Having an idea of what materials are needed before getting started will help you feel more prepared as a beginner and ensure a more successful sewing venture.


Tools Required:‌ Similar to materials, it also helps to consider the tools required for your project. Depending on the project, you might be able to sew by hand, however, a sewing machine is likely recommended. Other sewing tools you might need or want to consider for your project include cutting mats, a rotary cutter, sharp scissors, pins or clips, tailor's chalk and measuring tape.


Price:‌ As a beginner, Etsy is a fantastic place to find sewing patterns since there is so much variety at a range of prices. With that said, the price is still important to consider as some might not be worth the investment. This is especially true if it's a more simple project that you can find on YouTube, or something a bit too tricky and, therefore, might be a waste of money.



Sewing Patterns
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1. Alexa Kari Designs Tie Smock Top Sewing Pattern

The Tie Smock Top Sewing Pattern from Alexa Kari Designs on Etsy is one of our favorite beginner sewing projects. This pattern features a step-by-step tutorial that teaches you how to sew a simple top with very little experience required. On top of that, it doesn't require a lot of material and is something you could easily create from upcycled tablecloths, making it a more budget-friendly sewing project, too.


2. Aura Patterns Shorts Sewing Pattern

Just because you're a beginner, doesn't mean you can't make wearable items. Case in point: The Aura Patterns Shorts Sewing Pattern teaches you how to make the coziest shorts with an elastic waistband. This basic sewing project features step-by-step instructions and a pattern with included seam allowance so you don't have to measure that part out yourself, making it even easier and more accessible for beginners. It's also recommended that you use a lightweight cotton material, which is very beginner-friendly.

3. Pin Cut Sew Studio Beginner’s Tote Bag Sewing Pattern

Tote bags are a go-to beginner sewing project and this one from Pin Cut Sew Studio on Etsy is one of our favorite easy sewing projects. This pattern teaches you how to make a durable reusable tote bag with step-by-step instructions and photos. Plus, there is a full video that you can follow along to for more guidance.

4. SHiN Sewing Studio DIY Hair Scrunchie Sewing Pattern

Hair scrunchies are one of the easiest and fastest beginner sewing projects. The SHiN Sewing Studio DIY Hair Scrunchie Sewing Pattern uses a simple technique that is perfect for those who are using their machine for the first time, as it requires very simple sewing techniques and results in something you can actually wear. On top of that, it requires very little material and you can use fabric scraps to complete it, making it an excellent budget-friendly and eco-friendly project.


5. Craft Owl Handmade Toasty Oven Mitt

If you're a beginner sewer with some projects under your belt, the quilted Toasty Oven Mitt pattern from Craft Owl Handmade is a fun project to try. The perfect entryway into quilting, this pattern features step-by-step instructions on how to make your own durable and thick oven mitts for home cooking. Similar to other projects on this list, it doesn't require a lot of material, either, so you can use leftovers from a different project or even upcycle material from old clothing, tablecloths or kitchen towels.

6. Lila and Tulip Fillable Easter Egg Pattern

If you're into eco-friendly crafting and are looking for an easy sewing project to try, these adorable reusable Easter eggs from Lila and Tulip are a must-try. The pattern includes step-by-step instructions for how to make these small egg-shaped pouches, which can be made from fabric scraps or upcycled materials and are designed to hold candy, money, and small trinkets for Easter egg hunts.

7. Nita Sewing Women’s Loose Linen Top Sewing Pattern

You don't need a ton of sewing experience to make your own garments. The Nita Sewing Women's Loose Linen Top Sewing Pattern makes it easy to construct your own stylish top with easy-to-follow instructions—including tips for how to layout pattern pieces on the fabric—and works well with linen and cotton fabric, which are beginner-friendly materials.

8. Bouquet Clothing Apron Sewing Pattern

A DIY apron is another beginner-friendly sewing project worth trying. This one from Bouquet Clothing on Etsy features a simple design that is easy for beginners to follow, too. With two styles to choose from—a full or half apron silhouette—you can customize this apron to fit your style and kitchen aesthetic with fun prints and patterns. Plus, the pattern and tutorial are so easy to follow, you'll want to make more as gifts to give family and friends.

9. Lavender Lily Design Dog Bandana Tutorial

If you're looking for a beginner-friendly sewing project but want to start with something small, a pet scarf is an excellent option. The Lavender Lily Design Dog Bandana Tutorial on Etsy teaches you step-by-step how to make a triangle bandana that is reversible and fits around your fur baby's neck with ease. And, on top of written instructions and templates, the download also comes with a video tutorial making it even easier to follow along and complete the project.


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