How to Get Rid of Swarms of Flies

Finding a fly in your food is a fast way to spoil a meal.
Finding a fly in your food is a fast way to spoil a meal. (Image: IT Stock Free/Polka Dot/Getty Images)

An individual housefly buzzing around your head can be troublesome enough on its own; so if you find your home is under assault by large swarms of flies, the situation can become frustrating in a hurry. The best way to manage a fly problem around your home is with a two-prong attack -- limiting situations that encourage flies to congregate around your house in the first place and eradicating those flies that persist when the problem areas are fixed.

Things You'll Need

  • Garbage lid
  • Cleaning supplies
  • Fly traps

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Place a lid on any garbage cans, both inside and outside the home. This helps to prevent the smell from emanating from the cans and attracting flies.

Clean up any droppings from pets, both outdoor and indoor, regularly.

Remove any organic waste, such as dead plants, around your home and move it to a compost heap away from your home, if possible. Like garbage and animal waste, natural decay can attract flies.

Clean any spills or meat juices on surfaces in your home.

Clean any pools of stagnant water that can generate bacteria, which produce wastes that attract flies.

Examine doors and windows in your home for cracks or holes that flies can use to gain access.

Place fly traps in locations where flies swarm if regular cleaning fails to fix the problem.


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