How to Replace Hot Tub Siding

Hot tub siding is the skirting that goes around the exterior of the tub. This siding protects the internal plumbing and other parts of the tub, such as the pump and heater. You may need to replace the hot tub siding if it warps, breaks or becomes extremely moldy and you cannot clean it properly. The process is not too difficult, as the skirting is often in many separate pieces. This allows you to only replace the individual siding pieces damaged or broken.

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Locate the name of your hot tub’s manufacturer. Contact them to determine where you can purchase replacement siding pieces.

Use a power screwdriver to unscrew the siding pieces from the hot tub. Save the screws to replace the siding.

Line up new siding pieces on your hot tub to ensure they will fit properly. If the siding pieces have predrilled screw holes, line these up as well.

Screw the new siding pieces into place using the power screwdriver. Ensure the design matches all other pieces, such as the wood grain pointing in the correct direction.

Tips & Warnings

  • If you cannot finding manufacturer replacement parts, measure your siding panels and purchase generic pieces to replace the siding panels.


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