How to Paint With Sharpies

Sharpies require no clean up or brushes
Sharpies require no clean up or brushes (Image: paint image by jeancliclac from

Sharpies are renowned for their ease of use and ability to permanently stick to nearly any surface. They are also used to make crafts. There are also Sharpies that are paint markers. They come in a variety of colors, with some being water-based and others oil-based. Water-based Sharpie paint markers are great for paper while oil-based is good for other surfaces, particularly porous surfaces that are hard to paint or mark on. They come in bold, medium, fine, and extra fine tips.

Things You'll Need

  • Sharpie Paint Markers
  • Paper
  • Craft Items of Your Choosing

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Remove the tip of the marker and hold the Sharpie Paint Marker upright, with the tip pointing toward the ceiling.

Press the tip of the Sharpie down gently to release any built-up pressure.

Replace the cap of your Sharpie Paint Marker.

Shake the marker vigorously. This mixes the paint inside the marker, which may have begun to separate over time.

Remove the cap once more and gently press down on a piece of paper until the paint begins to flow out of the tip. Your Sharpie Paint Marker is now ready to use.

Mark over any spot you want painted gently with your Sharpie. For small areas, a fine or medium tip marker is best. For larger surfaces, the bold point is best. For writing, the extra fine point provides a thin line of paint.


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