How to Take Away a Crease on Your Air Jordans

Air Jordans are a brand owned by Nike. These shoes are made from leather and, over time, can become creased through wear, particularly near the toe area. While leather shoes are made to hold their shape, heat from the foot can warm the leather and it will begin to lose its shape. If not cleaned and conditioned properly, leather can become dry and creases will lead to cracks. It is best the remove creases before they get too deep or you might be stuck with them.

Things You'll Need

  • Shoe tree

  • Leather shoe stretcher cream

  • Curling iron

  • Moist towel

Step 1

Place a shoe tree inside your shoe as soon as you take them off. Shoe trees are most effective when the shoe is still warm from your body heat. The heat will loosen up the leather and the shoe tree will pull it taut and into the correct shape. This will help further creases from appearing.

Step 2

Remove the shoelaces and coat the shoe in the stretcher solution per instructions on the back of the bottle. Avoid getting the solution on non-leather parts of the shoe. Plug in your curling iron and let it heat up. The iron will be hot enough when you can drop a bead of water on it and the water will sizzle. When that happens unplug the iron.

Step 3

Place the heated iron barrel very gently on the crease pressing in on the wrinkle to smooth it out. The wrinkle may not be gone by the time the curling iron cools down. Take a moist towel and remove any stretching solution left on the iron barrel. Reheat the iron as many times as necessary to remove the crease. Do not leave the curling iron plugged in or the iron will get too hot and burn the leather.

Step 4

Leave the shoe tree inside the shoe for the next 24 hours. Shoes should then be ready to wear. Always put the shoe tree inside the shoe after wearing to avoid any future creases.

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