How to Calculate Carpet Per Square Foot

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Calculating the amount of carpet that you will need to buy to cover your floor space is an important thing to do before purchasing your carpet. You will need to know exactly how much floor space you have, particularly if you have a room that deviates from a square or rectangular shape. Fortunately, it is very easy to calculate the amount of carpet that you will need per square foot by doing some very simple calculations.

Things You'll Need

  • Measuring tape
  • Calculator

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Measure the length of the floor in the room you are planing to carpet, using a measuring tape.

Measure the width of the floor in the room you are planning to carpet.

Multiply the length of the floor by the width of the floor using a calculator. The number you end up with is the amount of square feet of carpeting you will need to buy.

If the room you are carpeting is an odd shape, create squares wherever possible, calculate each squared off area’s square footage and add all of your numbers together.

Provide your carpet salesman or vendor with the square footage of your space and he or she will tell you how much extra carpet you should buy beyond that number to safely cover the room completely in case of error or tearing.


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