How to Make a Shirt With Knots on the Side

If you have a collection of old T-shirts sitting in your drawers gathering dust, bring new life to your wardrobe by giving them a T-shirt makeover. With a pair of scissors and a little pizazz, you can easily redesign your T-shirts and make them like new again.

Things You'll Need

  • T-shirt

  • Scissors

Step 1

Lay your T-shirt flat on a hard surface, such as a table. Cut the sleeves and part of the shoulders off the T-shirt, and cut the neckline to a wider "u" shape. This will make the shirt resemble a tank top.

Step 2

Cut down the sides of the T-shirt from the spot where your armpit would be all the way to the bottom hem. Make just one long cut down each side of the shirt.

Step 3

Lay the shirt flat on the table again, so that the two sides (front and back) are lined up. Make small horizontal cuts down the sides, coming in 3 inches from the cut edges. Your cuts should be 1 inch apart going all the way down the length of the shirt; it will resemble fringe on the sides.

Step 4

Tie the cut strips you have made, one front strip to one back strip, all the way down each side of the T-shirt. Make a knot in each pair of strips.

Step 5

Put your shirt back on, and it will have knots and openings all down the sides. For modesty, layer it over a tank top or another T-shirt. Now you've taken a baggy old T-shirt and transformed it into a trendy new tank.


If the shirt is too baggy, untie the knots and cut the strips a little deeper, then re-tie.

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