How to Calculate Vinyl Siding

Calculating vinyl siding may seem like a task better left to professional siding installers, but it's actually quite easy to calculate how much vinyl siding you will need to cover your home. With a few measurements and calculations, you can confirm that your vinyl siding bids are accurate or order the vinyl siding to cover your home yourself. With all of the choices available in profile, color and finish, you don't need your hardest decision to be how much vinyl siding to order.

Things You'll Need

  • 100-foot measuring tape
  • Extension ladder
  • Note pad and pen

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Measure your home's surfaces. With the help of a friend to hold the extension ladder and possibly another to hold one end of the measuring tape, measure each rectangular or square surface of the outside of your home that will be covered with vinyl siding. Measure each triangular surface of your home by measuring the bottom width and the center height. Mark these measurements on a note pad. Mark the height and width measurements for the triangular shapes because they will need an additional calculation.

Calculate the surface area of your home's exterior that will be covered in vinyl siding.

Height times width equals the surface area for any square or rectangular shapes.

Height times width times .5 equals the surface area for triangular shapes.

Add all of your calculated numbers together to get the total surface area of your home that will be covered in vinyl siding.

Calculate the square footage needed to cover your home by dividing the total square surface area by 100.

Tips & Warnings

  • Not removing the door and window measurements allows for damage during installation and waste.
  • If you don't want to do the calculations, use an online vinyl siding calculator.


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