How to Get Rid of Ants in Your Yard Easily

Oh No! Ants!
Oh No! Ants! (Image:

Getting rid of ants can be hard. They can get everywhere, but it all starts in your yard.

Things You'll Need

  • Ant poison
  • Water hose
  • Water Faucet
  • Water sprinkler (for whole yard).

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The best way that I have found to kill ants in my yard is to use ant poison. I favor Ortho Season Long Control, because in a day or two the ants are dead and I can rinse away the ant hill and poison. The first thing you would have to do is get some ant poison, open the bag, take a handful and sprinkle it on top of each ant hill.

Next, what is often neglected, you need to spray or sprinkle the anthill and poison with water. Softly. Don't go over board and blast it with force causing the ant hill to splatter and the poison to go flying. Leave the ant hill mostly intact. If you have a large anthill, treat them as above. In two days, knock the anthill down gently with your foot and apply another dose of poison and water.

Sprinkle the outside of your house with the poison, or if you prefer a more natural choice, baby powder, or both if you want to take all measures. This should keep the ants from coming in your house. If the ants are already in your house, you may want to look towards an article that deals specifically with killing ants inside.

After a couple days, I would wait at least three, you can spray the ant hill with your water hose until it and the poison are gone.

You can use the poison all over your yard to keep the ants from coming in, but if ants are already in your yard, you will want to treat them mound by mound until the are removed. Just remember to water the poison in. Even if covering your whole yard, use water sprinklers to water the yard slightly.

Tips & Warnings

  • For ant hills larger than a grapefruit, two treatments may be required.
  • For ant hills going deep into the ground, it may take more than a couple of days before you can follow step 4.
  • If ants are treated as above, including step 4, and they come back in the same place, it is a deep ant hill, treat again.
  • No poison should be overly dangerous to your child or animal, however, read the warning labels on the package of any poison you may purchase.
  • You may also want to read the directions found on the package of any poison you may purchase to see if, after application, there is a waiting period before letting animals or children play in the treated area.
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