How to Organize a Kids Room Quickly

If the disorder in your kids room is driving you insane, and getting them to clean only results in junk being shoved under the bed, you need some organization and you need it quickly! Follow these steps to a quick solution that will help keep clutter under control and organize a kids room in a matter of a few hours.

Things You'll Need

  • Clear Plastic Bins
  • Labels or paper and tape
  • Bookshelf

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Buy plastic containers in a variety of different sizes. Clear is best.

Now separate their toys by type (cars, Barbies, Legos, Little Pet Shop, etc) or size. See how they will best fit into boxes as you do this. Now choose the appropriate size box for each group of toys. When possible use smaller boxes, shoebox size is great because kids can manage them on their own.

Once all the smaller toys have been put into the containers, print a label for each box. ie. Barbie Dolls, Barbie Clothes, Legos, etc. You can also print out names on paper and attach them to the containers with clear packing tape. Print at least 2 for each box. If you have small children, also attach a picture of the type of toy that belongs in each box.

Consider purchasing a cheap bookshelf that will fit in your child's closet. You can pick these up at WalMart or Home Depot for around $50 or less. A garage sale is a great place to look for these too. You can always paint an old one to make it look new again.

Once you have the bookshelf in the closet, stack the small boxes on the shelves with the labels facing out. You can also place boxes directly on the closet floor or on the high shelves if they are items you don't want them to be able to reach without your assistance. The goal here is to get them out of the way so the room will stay looking clean and uncluttered.

Large toys can go into a Large Rubbermaid box, or nicely in the closet or even left out as long as you can arrange them neatly.

For craft supplies, buy a plastic container with drawers. Separate supplies by type and put them in the drawers. Label the front of these as well.

You have now successfully organized your kids room. All that's left is to teach your children to put their toys in the box where they belong!

Tips & Warnings

  • If your child has a hard time picking up, consider only allowing them to take out one box at a time until they can show they will pick up after themselves!
  • Don't get too upset if your kids occasionally put toys in the wrong box. The goal is for the room to look organized and uncluttered. As long as the toys are in boxes, you've met your goal!
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