This Faux Fireplace Tapestry is the Unexpected Decoration Your Home Needs


Winter is all about creating that perfect cozy corner in your home to snuggle up to and relax. And while most cold-weather scenes involving an enveloping chair and a soft blanket would seemingly also include a roaring fire, you don't need the actual flames to help you unwind. Create this faux fireplace from straightforward items like multicolored yarn, string and rubber cement, and hang it in a place where you can have quiet moments to yourself. It's an unexpected, but totally chic, tapestry that will add charm to your space.

(Image: Kelly Smith)

Things You'll Need

  • Free printable fireplace
  • Yarn needle
  • Yarn (red, yellow, orange and gray colors)
  • Tape
  • Rubber cement
  • Dowel (36-inch)
  • String
(Image: Kelly Smith)

Step 1: Print the Faux Fireplace

Take the faux fireplace printable to your local print shop. Ask for it to be printed as a 36-inch-wide engineering print.

(Image: Kelly Smith)

Step 2: Prepare the Printed Faux Fireplace

Using your yarn needle, poke holes on each of the corners of the cross-stitch patterns you wish to stitch. This makes it easier to see where you are sticking the needle when it's going though the back of the print.

(Image: Kelly Smith)

Step 3: Begin the Cross-Stich Pattern

Flip the paper over. Thread your needle with the first color of yarn and insert the needle into one of the holes. Tie a knot at the end of the yarn. Next, flip the paper back over and gently tug on the needle, pulling the length of the yarn through.

(Image: Kelly Smith)
(Image: Kelly Smith)

Step 4: Finish the Stitch

Cross the thread to the opposite side, following the printed pattern. Pull the needle through the back, while flipping the paper back and forth to see where the next hole is. Move onto another X until the yarn comes to an end. At this point, tie a knot or use tape on the back side of the paper to secure the yarn. Re-thread your needle and continue filling in the fireplace with stitches. But as you can see on the displayed example, not every stitch is filled in.

(Image: Kelly Smith)
(Image: Kelly Smith)
(Image: Kelly Smith)


  • Don't feel like you need to follow the exact cross-stitch pattern. Use your creativity to fill in the fireplace or brickwork in any way that suits your style. In the example, yarn was used to accent the outside of the fireplace instead of using the pattern.

(Image: Kelly Smith)

Step 5: Attach the Dowel for Hanging

Measure and mark each end of the dowel that will be used to hang the faux fireplace tapestry. Next, tie the string to the dowel. Apply a generous amount of rubber cement onto the top edge of the paper. Place the dowel a half-inch from the top, and roll the paper around the dowel. Hold each section in place until it is secure.

(Image: Kelly Smith)
(Image: Kelly Smith)

Step 6: Display and Enjoy

Place the faux fireplace tapestry over a bench or near a chair to create an inviting corner for cozy winter nights.

(Image: Kelly Smith)
(Image: Kelly Smith)


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