DIY Sputnik-Inspired Pearl Earrings

When it comes to DIY fashion, jewelry making is the perfect opportunity to play around with odds n' ends. Even the smallest materials can make a huge impact on your accessory collection. Don't believe us? Check out this funky earring tutorial inspired by a $248 designer pair. All it takes is clever placement of a few materials to make these statement jewels.

(Image: Kirsten Nunez)

Things You'll Need

  • 16-gauge flat wire
  • 3-in-1 jewelry pliers
  • Strong craft glue
  • Pearl flat backs (6)
  • Dome stud flat backs (2)
  • Blank stud earring posts (2)
(Image: Kirsten Nunez)

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Step 1

Using the cutter portion of the pliers, cut one strand of wire measuring 1/4 inch. Cut another two strands of wire measuring 1/2 inch each.

(Image: Kirsten Nunez)

Step 2

Glue a pearl embellishment to the end of each wire. Keep in mind that you don't have to match up the smallest pearl with the smallest strand of wire. These earrings are meant to look funky and offbeat.

(Image: Kirsten Nunez)


  • Use just a small dot of glue for each embellishment. Remember, a little goes a long way!

Step 3

Glue the dome stud to the top of one strand of flat wire. This piece will be the center of the earring.

(Image: Kirsten Nunez)

Step 4

Glue the remaining two strands of wire to the back of the center piece. Position them at opposite angles to create a "fanned" look.

(Image: Kirsten Nunez)

Step 5

Attach an earring post to the back with a small dot of glue.

(Image: Kirsten Nunez)

Step 6

Repeat Steps 1-5 to create the second earring. Leave to dry completely before wearing your edgy new earrings.

(Image: Kirsten Nunez)
(Image: Kirsten Nunez)
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