How to Make a Native American Costume Out of a Pillowcase

Things You'll Need

  • White pillowcase

  • Large bowl or bucket

  • Black tea

  • Seam ripper

  • Scissors

  • Beads

  • Rick rack

Dress up like a Native American with a pillowcase.

Whether it's a Halloween costume for trick or treating or for a Thanksgiving play at school, a Native American costume created from a pillowcase provides children with a way to celebrate the tradition of Native Americans. A Native American costume made from a pillowcase relies on items one is likely to already own or can easily purchase at a store, making it an easy last-minute costume as well as an inexpensive outfit. By letting children help make their costume, they can put their personal touch and create a one-of-a-kind Native American costume.

Step 1

Dye the pillowcase from white to a natural brownish hue with an antique look. Boil 4 cups of water, and then steep about 4 to 6 tea bags in it for about five minutes, which will cause the water to become a dark brown. Soak the pillowcase in the tea for several hours, stirring it around to ensure even dyeing. Set the dye-job by drying the pillowcase in the drier on a high-heat setting.

Step 2

Trim the pillowcase to make it wearable. Hold the pillowcase so that the opening is on the bottom. Use a seam ripper to remove the seams from the top sides of the pillow so there is enough room for the arms. At the top of the pillowcase, trim a hole for the neck with the scissors. For a decorative touch, make a v-neck, scalloping or other design for the neck.

Step 3

Decorate the pillow case. Use scissors to cut a fringe-like edge on the bottom of the pillow case, and then string beads on the fringe. Use stones and beads adhered with super glue to create patterns along the neckline and the bottom edge.

Step 4

Tie a belt, rope or woven cloth around your waist to give the pillowcase top more shape.

Step 5

Pair the pillowcase costume with dark colored leggings, braided hair and moccasins.