My Garage Door Opener Remotes Don't Work

Garage door opener remotes must remain synchronized with the indoor unit.
Garage door opener remotes must remain synchronized with the indoor unit. (Image: Jupiterimages/Comstock/Getty Images)

Garage door opener remote controls provide considerable convenience for drivers, but this convenience can quickly turn to frustration when the devices stop working. From incompatibility to dead batteries, a number of problems can prevent garage door opener remotes from working properly.

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Garage door openers draw power from an internal battery to produce radio or infrared signals. The remote unit transmits these signals to a garage door opener, prompting the unit to open or close the door.


Because the remotes require a small amount of power to produce the necessary signals, the units must have access to a functional power source. Many remote units rely on batteries, and dead batteries can render the devices useless. Drivers with garage door opener remotes that stop working can start diagnosing the devices by replacing the batteries.


Some remotes require special code processors to properly synchronize with the indoor units. If the remote unit is the wrong type or doesn't have the correct code processor, it may not work properly or at all.

Loss of Synchronization

Garage door remotes must remain synchronized with the indoor unit to operate effectively. If either device loses power for an extended period of time, it may lose its programming and fail to operate. To restore service, owners must re-synchronize the garage door opener and remote units.


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