Care & Maintenance for Granite Countertops

Protect your investment by properly maintaining your granite countertops.
Protect your investment by properly maintaining your granite countertops. (Image: Jupiterimages/ Images)

Granite countertops are desirable for their attractiveness and variety of colors and patterns. Granite is porous, however, which means granite countertops can be easily stained or chipped. Proper care and maintenance can keep them beautiful and durable.

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Sealant should be used on granite countertops to prevent deep stains. Tiny fissures and cracks in granite may not be noticeable to the eye, but liquids can seep into them and cause discoloration. Use any sealant marketed for use on granite. The sealant should be applied to dry countertops with an old cloth and left to dry completely. Then, buff the counter with terry cloth to get a high shine. Put on a second coat if you want added protection.


Granite countertops should be cleaned with a wet sponge. Warm water will work fine in most cases, or use a mild liquid dishwashing soap. The countertops should be wiped dry after you are done cleaning them. Do not use abrasive cleaning tools on granite countertops.


Avoid using anything acidic on granite countertops, because acid will eat away at the sealant. For this reason, do not use any cleaning products that may contain acid, including vinegar and some bathroom or tub cleaners. Many window cleaners also contain vinegar. While vinegar will make a window or mirror shine, you should not use it on granite countertops.


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