Easy Egyptian Crafts

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Egyptian-themed crafts are a fun and educational way to teach children about this fascinating country. Using common materials and requiring little preparation or adult supervision, these craft projects help children learn about ancient Egyptian customs and history.

Egyptian Alphabet Code

The ancient Egyptians had an intricate system of writing composed of hieroglyphs. An easy craft that doesn't require many materials is to make your own hieroglyphic alphabet or code with stylized animals and drawings. Show the children some examples of ancient Egyptian writing and then let their imagination take over. Have kids create 26 different characters using markers or colored pens. Assign a letter to each one, and have your children write sentences or sayings in their new hieroglyphic alphabet.


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Pyramid Art

Pyramid-themed artwork is also a fun craft. Besides drawings, watercolors and acrylic paintings, one variation is to have the children color or draw their own pyramid scene, then cover sections of the drawing with a thin layer of glue and drizzle sand over the paper. Allow to dry, then shake off the excess for artwork with the look and feel of a sandy desert. Alternately, for older children, provide different colors of sand for them to create a piece of art entirely from the colored sand. Use glue to "paint" where each color should go, and only use one color of sand at a time for the best results.


Toilet Paper Mummy

Make grotesque and fun "mummies" using a some toilet paper and a cardboard roll, glue and construction paper. Cut arms, legs and a head out of construction paper, decorate as desired, and glue to the cardboard roll. Then take a long roll of toilet paper, fold it longways and scrunch it. Glue this toilet paper "bandage" to the cardboard roll, wrapping the mummy as much or as little as desired.



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