10 Homemade Holiday Card Ideas

Take a DIY approach to holiday cards this year with our roundup of fun, artistic ideas from some of social media's craftiest creators.

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Image Credit: Instagram/@made_everyday, TikTok/@happyevercrafter, Instagram/@makemerryandcreate, TikTok/@ohsewcutebyrobyn

Store-bought cards are wonderful in a pinch, but there's something so fun about making DIY holiday cards. Homemade cards offer the chance for extra personalization and pizzazz, whether you're dropping them in the mail to loved ones or passing them out at the office. (Plus, if you're going to spend the whole season binge-watching Hallmark Christmas movies, you might as well work on some holiday crafts at the same time!)


From clever pop-ups and embroidered designs to creations simple enough for kids to make, we've rounded up 10 easy and adorable homemade holiday greeting card ideas from social media. When you visit friends and family this winter, expect to see your own DIY projects front and center in seasonal card displays!

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1. Photo Book Cards

Instagrammer @made_everyday describes her creation as an "ugly sweater version of a Christmas card," but we see nothing ugly about the genius and heartfelt holiday book and card she created for her parents. She sewed two pieces of card stock together to create a booklet with twice as much space as a typical card, giving her kids tons of room to scribble personal messages, add stickers and glue family photos taken throughout the year. If you received a holiday card made with this much love and care, wouldn't you hold on to it forever?


2. Finger-Painted Christmas Trees

Here's an easy-peasy way to craft hand-painted holiday cards that even those of us with zero artistic skill can handle. Making finger-painted Christmas tree cards is so simple that it's totally kid-friendly. This video tutorial from Instagrammer @lesmercredissouslapluie couldn't be easier to follow as is, but you could also individualize your happy little trees with glitter, a rainbow color palette or tiny ornaments made from sequins and pom-poms.


3. 3D Ornament Cards

Though they look intricate, you could churn out a big batch of these adorable 3D ornament cards in no time at all. TikToker @happyevercrafter cut out fluttery ornament design from Christmas scrapbook paper, but if you are ahead of the game and have already started wrapping Christmas gifts, consider repurposing scraps of leftover wrapping paper for an eco-friendly approach to holiday card-making.



4. Light-Up Fireplace Cards

We can practically hear the crackling of a holiday fire already! This incredible, illuminated fireplace card, demonstrated by @moonshotkidz on TikTok, is like a hug in paper form. Plus, it's not specific to any holiday, making it totally versatile while still offering a seasonal touch. The most amazing part? It's super simple to add a light-up element to your easy DIY card using copper tape, mini LED lights, a coin cell battery and traditional crafting supplies to create the fireplace. So cozy!


5. Layered Hanukkah Cards

Making these Happy Hanukkah cards (beautifully demonstrated by TikToker @ralphtyndall) is certainly an act of love! They're assembled from several layers of paper with adorable, store-worthy results. Ralph cut the words "Happy Hanukkah" from wrapping paper, but you could easily handwrite the message for a personal touch.


6. Embroidered Christmas Trees

The TikTok account @ohsewcutebyrobyn is aptly named—these embroidered cards really ‌are‌ "sew" cute! Robyn has an Etsy store of the same name, selling embroidery card kits for the cards she demos in her TikTok. If you're confident in your skills, try her technique to make "Merry Christmas" cards embroidered with Christmas trees, snowflakes, stars or whatever else you can dream up! These cards would be especially lovely displayed on a fireplace mantel alongside Christmas decorations.



7. Pop-Up Christmas Cards

This handmade Christmas card design is so cute, your loved ones might keep their cards to display again next year. If you've never made a pop-up card before, @anabekka's TikTok tutorial for this DIY card will walk you through it. You'll need thick card stock for the base and a sharp craft knife to cut notches that let figures pop up. This tutorial uses a sleigh and snow-covered cabin, but you could easily swap in Santa, a poinsettia or other holiday imagery.

8. Rainbow Pom-Pom Cards

This adorable snail-shaped rainbow pom-pom card from Instagrammer @lesmercredissouslapluie, who also created the charming fingerprint Christmas tree card above, is proof that your cards don't need a blatant holiday theme to suit the season! This fun design would be perfect for a friend who doesn't celebrate something specific or a loved one who could simply use a dash of joy during the holidays. It's hard not to smile when pom-poms are involved!

9. Spinning Snowman Cards

This spinning snowman card is part festive holiday greeting and part fidget spinner. It's impressively crafty but easy to replicate by following TikToker @cardsbygretch's tutorial. Making the spinning piece is simple: Cut out two snowmen, glue a piece of string between them, tape string to the card and cover with a second piece of red paper. Don't forget to decorate both sides of your snowman, of course!


10. Paper Fireworks

This one's for the folks who already know they're not going to get their holiday cards in the mail before December 28. (Relatable!) With a New Year's theme, you're still ‌technically‌ sending a holiday card, and it's one that everyone can celebrate. What's more, this playful and kid-friendly card design by @makemerryandcreate is so imaginative that you'll want to make one for everybody on your list. Simply adhere scrap paper, ribbons, pipe cleaners and plenty of glitter onto a small paper circle, then attach the circle to a card with a fastener for a spinning effect. You've got paper fireworks to top off your "Happy New Year" card!

There's one more delightful perk when it comes to making homemade cards this holiday season: You can send different cards to everyone on your list, which means you've got the chance to try your hand at all sorts of fun designs. Happy seasonal crafting!

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