Trend Report: All Things Peppermint

Nothing says Christmas like the red and white stripes, swirls and sweetness of peppermint!

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Is anyone else dreaming of a red and white Christmas this year? Peppermint has been on the Christmas menu for centuries, but infusing the peppermint ‌aesthetic‌ into holiday home decor is a more recent trend. Draw on the signature red and white swirl of peppermint candy to inspire Christmas decor that's whimsical and classic at the same time—not to mention easy to DIY on a budget!


To get your creative wheels turning, we rounded up some peppermint design inspo from TikTok and Etsy. You might want to grab a candy cane before you read on!

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1. Peppermint Christmas Tree

If you're a "more is more" person, there are plenty of examples of over-the-top candy cane Christmas trees on TikTok, but we like the more understated tree that @taylorleighbury shared. This peppermint-themed tree is classic Christmas, with all red and white decorations and a big, cheerful red and white striped bow to top it off. It's basically the perfect tree to sip peppermint hot chocolate next to!


2. DIY Peppermint Ornaments

Sure, you're going to end up with red glitter under your fingernails after making glittery DIY peppermint lollipop ornaments like these from TikToker @creatorsalley—but hey, you'll save a ton on holiday decor! (Maybe tell everyone that glittery nail beds is a new Christmas fashion trend?) These crafty little peppermints are made from foam rounds, so they're durable and lightweight, making them perfect Christmas tree decorations that'll last for years.


3. Shatterproof Plastic Peppermint Ornaments

Not interested in going the DIY route? Snap up some of these plastic peppermint ornaments from Etsy seller ShowStopperDesigns! They're shatterproof, so hanging these from your tree is a great way to embrace the peppermint aesthetic even if you have mischievous pets, kids or ghosts in your house and tree ornaments are constantly hitting the floor.



4. Peppermint Barrette

Prepare for compliments! A handmade peppermint barrette from Etsy seller BrittsHighlights could be the perfect finishing touch for your holiday party ensemble or an everyday hair accessory during the holiday season.


5. DIY Giant Peppermints

Grab a buddy before making these DIY giant peppermints like TikToker did. The technique is super simple, but it helps to have four hands when it's time to roll the pool noodles into that signature peppermint swirl shape. Check out the video to see how used them as outdoor decorations. The (adorable) finished look screams "IRL gingerbread house" minus Hansel and Gretel.


6. Peppermint Candles

We dare anyone to dislike classic white peppermint candles like these Mason jar versions from Etsy seller MasonJarCandlesCo. You can give 'em away as gifts as an office Secret Santa, or gift them to the mom who has everything, but make sure to grab at least one for yourself. They smell festive but aren't decorated to look like holiday decor, so you can keep your peppermint candles burning all the way through winter!



7. DIY Peppermint Bowls

Making a peppermint bowl by following this TikTok tutorial from @dippedtampa is a genius way to use up extra peppermint candies. A larger version could become part of a festive centerpiece on your holiday table, you could leave Santa's cookies in it on Christmas Eve or, you know, you could just fill it with your favorite Christmas candy and keep it to yourself!


8. Peppermint Garland

This felt peppermint garland could be hung across a mantel, used as Christmas wall decor or even strung across your Christmas tree as a garland! Etsy seller SheepFarmFelt makes a variety of holiday garlands using felted wool sourced from New Zealand, but we think the peppermint version is especially sweet.

9. DIY Peppermint Wreath

This homemade peppermint-inspired wreath from TikToker @homegoodiys has cozy, "come on in!" appeal that's perfect for adorning your door throughout the Christmas holiday season. Plus, it's way easier to replicate than a lot of DIY Christmas wreaths. Wrap thick chenille yarn around a wreath base, add a bow and move on to your next holiday activity!

If all this peppermint-themed decorating has made you hungry for the real thing, try these Peppermint Meringue Swirls for a sweet holiday treat!


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