9 Christmas Tree Themes for Festive Inspo

Get inspired by these fun and fabulous trees that prove Christmas decorating is best with a personal touch.

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Just because you've never seen someone decorate their Christmas tree with flowers or mushrooms doesn't mean you shouldn't try it this holiday season! Trying new Christmas tree themes definitely breaks from tradition, but maybe you don't want a traditional Christmas this year. Creating an out-of-the-box Christmas tree is like putting up a temporary art exhibit in your living room, and your quirky tree will definitely be a conversation starter with everyone who stops by in December.


And if you can't bear to part with tradition? Go ahead and decorate a classic Christmas tree with the same tinsel, candy canes, string lights and sentimental Christmas ornaments you use every year and treat yourself to a second (or third) themed tree. Get inspiration from our roundup of DIY Christmas tree theme ideas—you might get ‌too‌ inspired and end up with a tree in every room!

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1. Woodland Christmas Tree

Bring the outdoors inside with a woodland Christmas tree! The neutral color palette gives Scandinavian vibes, though there's nothing minimalist about the woodland tree that @bexreality shared on TikTok. She decked out a flocked Christmas tree using white lights, gold and silver ornaments, burlap ribbon, fluffy white pompoms and snuggly deer ornaments. The finishing touch? A fluffy brown blanket wrapped around the tree stand to act as a tree skirt that mimics the forest floor.


2. Ombre Floral Christmas Tree

Covering a Christmas tree with flowers is certainly unconventional, but isn't it also pretty brilliant? This ombre floral tree, from floral designer @greenweddingshoes is downright swoonworthy. Skip the lights and ornaments and just blanket the tree with silk flowers. (Repurpose them into year-round floral arrangements when Christmas is over!) If you're using an artificial tree that doesn't already have a piney scent, add some real dried flowers too. Your tree will be the only one on the block that smells like a garden!


3. Friendship Bracelet Tree

This one's for the Swifties! A friendship bracelet tree keeps the spirit of the Eras Tour alive in your living room. Check out @chelseazeferina's TikTok to see how she turned foam circles and letter stickers into a simple, striking garland. She went with a classic "merry and bright" message, but you could spell out any message with your friendship bracelet garland. (It might not be very festive, but wouldn't "It's tree, hi, I'm the problem, it's tree" be kind of hilarious?)



4. World Flag Christmas Tree

How about creating a beautiful Christmas tree that helps you learn something new? This world flag tree from @viaggiopatici_mattiperiviaggi's Instagram would be super easy to replicate with a bag of bulk hand-held flags (like these from Amazon). Who knows—maybe you'll end up on ‌Jeopardy!‌ someday, and a "flags of the world" category will come up! You're going to be glad you spent a whole month looking at Norway's flag every time you walked through your house.


Plus, you can create a really colorful and festive tree without spending a lot of money on new decorations. A world globe tree topper would be the perfect finish!

5. Mushroom Christmas Tree

Apparently, fungi can be festive! TikToker @wyseguide proves that with this whimsical mushroom-covered tree. He mentions that mushrooms are often incorporated into Christmas decorations in parts of Europe, apparently for good luck. Imagine how lucky a tree covered in mushrooms would be?


6. Sports Christmas Tree

A sports-themed Christmas tree could be the perfect tabletop tree for a child's room. You could also put together a full-size tree that celebrates your family's favorite teams. TikToker @jnedwards1208 made a unique Christmas tree that's actually super DIY-friendly and budget-friendly. Get the look with ornaments made from sports-themed stress balls, wide ribbon bows and team pennants.



7. Barbie Christmas Tree

Barbie would totally encourage you to have a Barbie Christmas tree in her honor this year. She's all about empowering you to make your dreams come true, after all. Using a pink tree would make your Barbie tree pretty spectacular (ooh—or how about a gold tree?), but you can still create a pretty-in-pink look with a regular old green tree. Check out the TikTok video of @sarahlovessparkles for inspiration! You ‌probably‌ don't have dozens of dolls on hand, but you can copy parts of the look with pink decor and garlands strung with dozens of pink paper cutouts of Barbie's silhouette.

Make DIY Christmas Ornaments!

Sourcing the ornaments for a new themed Christmas tree can get expensive. We've gathered just a few tutorials for making cute and budget-friendly ornaments at home:

8. Black-and-White Christmas Tree

A two-tone Christmas tree can be pretty glam with a classic color scheme. TikToker @jockin__dayz shared her over-the-top black-and-white tree, complete with presents wrapped in black-and-white paper. We love a commitment to the theme! Other combos could be pretty great too, like a blue Christmas tree decorated with all pink or all gold ornaments.

9. Pompom Christmas Tree

If you're someone who loves a pop of color in their home decor, you're going to love this cheerful pompom tree, from @apricotpolkadot's Instagram. Making your own pompoms could be a fun project, especially if you have kids in the house who want to help make decorations. The inspo version starts with a white Christmas tree so the bright colors really pop, but this tree design would work just as well on a green tree. Make an ombre effect or make stripes of different-color pompoms to create an adorable rainbow tree!

With plenty of inspiration to guide you, this is the year you create your best Christmas tree (or trees!) yet. We have a feeling your tree is going to stay up well into January!

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