Best Carpet Cleaning Machine Rentals

It's that time of year again—to remove all those allergens and pollutants out of your carpet to maintain a healthy environment in your home. While it may be tempting to hire a pro and avoid all the grunt work, you may not be able to afford it. Luckily, there's an entire industry of carpet cleaning machine rentals ready to help you achieve that clean home.

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By far, the most popular carpet cleaning machine rental nationwide is the Rug Doctor, which is commonly available for rental at your neighborhood grocery stores. In addition, hardware stores, such as Home Depot, may be able to offer you a carpet cleaning rental. Aside from these options, look locally into rental companies, and ask friends and family for referrals.

While rentals can be effective machines, a common pitfall among users is not factoring cleaning solution into the cost. In addition, some machines are more effective than others, so don't underestimate the value of word of mouth. Many carpet cleaning machine rentals come in a standard and wide varieties, and many have added green cleaning products to their offerings.


Beware of adding too much cleaning solution to the carpet. If the machine doesn't suck it all out, you will be left with a wet carpet for longer than 24 hours, which can lead to mold and bacteria growth in your home. The cleaning solution you use should be mild, with a pH level of less than 10. You will require a special solution of your carpet is wool, and the pH level should be around 5 to 8. Beware of the cleanliness of the machine before use, as many people forget to clean out the machine before returning it to the store.


Use common sense when selecting your rental. Thoroughly inspect the available machines, and pick the one that appears to be in the best condition. Be sure to ask any questions you have on how to use the machine upfront, and the clerk may be able to give a demonstration. If your carpet is stain resistant, it will require cleaning solutions made specifically for this type of carpet. In general, you also should avoid bleach- or silicone-based cleaning agents. To speed up drying time, use ceiling and portable fans.


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