How to Blow Your Nose

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Learning how to blow your nose seems easy, but remember to clear one nostril at a time, use a fresh, regular tissue and always wash your hands. Blow your nose without doing damage or spreading germs with health information from a practicing nurse in this free video on health answers.

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Video Transcript

Hi, it sounds like you've got the sniffles or maybe just a plugged nose or just need help with blowing your nose. I'm Dan Carlson and an LPN and I'm going to walk you through this. First we'll need a tissue. Use a regular tissue not any cotton tissues as they can harbor infectious diseases and what not. And we'll start off with the proper way. So take the tissue, close one nostril like so and blow gently through the other nostril. Once you've done that nostril, repeat the process for the other nostril. And once you get done with that, make sure to throw the tissue away and wash your hands with warm water and soap. So to recap, what we're going to be doing is closing one nostril, blowing gently through, closing the other nostril, blowing gently through and always remember to wash your hands. It's cold season and you don't want to spread those germs to anyone else. I'm Dan Carlson, thank you.


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