How to Clean a Top Loading Washing Machine With Natural Ingredients

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One appliance that we often forget to clean is the washing machine. Most people assume that since their washing machine washes their clothes, then they are probably self-cleaning at the same time as well. The truth is that moisture, mildew and all the debris coming off of our clothes in the wash can find their way into the nooks and crannies of our washing machines. It's a good idea to deep clean your washing machine every few months to keep things running smoothly and cleanly.

These tips will help show you how to clean a top loading washing machine with natural ingredients in just a few minutes.

Things You'll Need

  • 2 cups of vinegar

  • Vinegar in a spray bottle

  • Pitcher of warm water

  • Toothbrush

  • Sponge

Image Credit: Jessica Kielman

Step 1: Spray Your Washing Machine Liberally With Vinegar

Grab your vinegar-filled spray bottle and spray under the lid of your washing machine, around the edges, the entire inside of your washing machine's agitator, and in all of the nooks and crannies at the top too.

Image Credit: Jessica Kielman

Step 2: Use a Sponge to Clean All Areas of Your Washing Machine

Starting at the top of your washing machine, wipe in between any grooves, under the lip at the top of your washer, around the door and hinges, and the entire inside of the agitator.

Image Credit: Jessica Kielman
Image Credit: Jessica Kielman

Step 3: Use a Toothbrush to Scrub Hard to Reach Places

Use a toothbrush to get into the small spaces and clean any residue left behind from fabric softener and any other substances that may be lurking in the hard to reach spots.

Image Credit: Jessica Kielman

Step 4: Remove the Fabric Softener Dispenser and Clean

If your washing machine has a removable fabric softener dispenser, remove it and give it a good cleaning.

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Step 5: Rinse All of the Areas That You Cleaned With Water

Use a pitcher of warm water to rinse any of the spaces that you scrubbed with your sponge and toothbrush. Since water doesn't reach some of these spaces during a normal wash cycle, it is important to rinse them before the last step.

Image Credit: Jessica Kielman

Step 6: Pour Two Cups of Vinegar Into Your Washer

Vinegar helps to clean and disinfect, as well as remove any mold or mildew buildup and smell in the parts of your washer that can't be reached.

Image Credit: Jessica Kielman

Step 7: Run Your Washer on a Regular Cycle with Hot Water

Run a regular cycle on hot with just the vinegar inside.

Now your washing machine should be clean and ready to use once the cycle is finished.

Image Credit: Jessica Kielman