Why Do Your Ears Ring After a Concert?

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When ears ring after a concert, it is usually due to damage that has been caused by noise exposure to the inner ear. Discover ways to avoid a more permanent sense of ringing in the ears with help from a neurologist and otologist in this free video on ear problems and hearing.

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Video Transcript

Hi this is Dr. Jack Shohet. I'm here to talk about ears ring after a concert. Well typically when ears ring, after noise exposure, this indicates that there's been some damage to the inner ear. Sound is energy. And as that energy gets transmitted to the inner ear, the structures in the inner ear that help you with your hearing can be damaged by that sound. And as a result, you'll have that sensation, or hear that ringing in your ears, that is usually temporary and go away within a few hours to a few days, but it occasionally it can be permanent. Furthermore, it can be cumulative. And although it goes away after one exposure to the noise, if you're repetitively, constantly around a lot of noise, eventually that noise can yield a more permanent ringing in your ears.


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