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The simplest home remedy for a dry mouth is water, and a person can easily carry around a bottle of water to stay hydrated. Avoid having a dry mouth by drinking the recommended amount of water with help from a dentist in this free video on oral health and caring for the mouth.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Dr. Larry Klein. I'm a Dentist here in St. Petersburg, Florida. Today we're going to be talking about home remedies for dry mouth, otherwise known as Xerostomia. Gosh, lots of different things you can do to avoid dry mouth; that's a whole another subject; but I tell you what, probably the simplest thing, some good old fashion water. So every once in a while you can carry it around with you. There are different ways also to, to get that water, whether it be from filtered water or bottled water. As you can see, this is a, aluminum can; there's also some concern as far as carcinogens being in the plastic. So just remember, carry a little bit of extra water around with you and that's a great way to treat dry mouth. So if you're looking for the easiest and simplest way to take care of dry mouth, just a little bit of simple water to do the trick. I'm Larry Klein here in St. Petersburg, Florida; taking care of dry mouth.


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