Different Categories of Herbs

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Learn the different types of herbs for medicinal use in this free video.

Part of the Video Series: How to Use Medicinal Muscle Testing
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Video Transcript

Alright, in this scene we're going to talk about the four different categories of herbs. Now here again we have the hot and the wet and the dry and herbs all fit into these categories just as your problems or imbalances do. We have bitters, which are wet and hot. We have aromatics which are hot and dry. We have demulcents who are mucilaginous, which are cold and wet. And we have astringents which are cold and dry. And when you learn that all herbs will fit into one or more of these categories, it makes it easier for you to choose an herb for yourself. If you go back and you take your ailment, say you have fever, which is hot and dry, then you're going to want an herb that goes directly across or opposite from it. You want something wet and cold, and these are the herbs that do that. And we're going to go through each of these herbs sections one at a time and do some demonstrations that show you how each of these work.


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