How to Use Grape Seed Extract to Clean Fungus

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Grape seed extract is an invaluable tool to have when it comes to cleaning fungus. Find out how to use grape seed extract to clean fungus with help from a Ph.D in Natural Health in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi. I'm Doctor Lynn. I'm a naturopathic doctor. And I'm here to talk about alternative medicine. As a naturopathic doctor, I have two primary points of view when it comes to health. Prevention over cure. Try to live a healthy live style. And second, balance. When the body and the mind are in perfect balance we have perfect health. Today's topic is using grape seed extract as an anti-fungal. Now, grape seed extract comes from the grapes seeds. We extract the oil out of the grape seeds. And it does have anti-fungal properties to it. It's very light grape seed oil and that's why you may find it in a lot of soaps and beauty products. You can take the grape seed oil and put it directly on a fungus. And it will help to clear it up. However, because it's such a light oil, maybe a little better way to do this is to take the grape seed oil and mix it with an essential oil, which is also an anti-fungal oil. That would be something like in the citrus family, like grapefruit oil or lemon oil. You can mix that with the grape seed, put it together and put it on the fungus area and it will clear it up. I hope this was a great tip and helped you out and that you have a great day, and see you soon. Bye.


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