Chip Dip for Cinco de Mayo

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Cinco de Mayo wouldn't be complete without chips and salsa. These Mexican flag-themed chip dip shooters go great alongside a classic margarita, and are super simple to make. Whether you prefer homemade or store-bought guacamole and salsa, these shooters are sure to get the fiesta started! Read on for instructions, and don't forget to check out the guacamole and salsa recipes at the end of the slideshow.

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Fill the Pastry Bags

Spoon the guacamole and sour cream into two separate pastry bags. The pastry bags allow you to create cleaner layers than if you were to simply spoon the ingredients into the glasses. Note that you can also use the inside corner of a large zipper bag if pastry bags aren't available.

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Layer the Guacamole

Cut off the end of the pastry bag, making a small hole. Press the bottom of the pastry bag deep into each glass shooter and squeeze, creating a layer of guacamole filling one third of the glass.

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Layer the Sour Cream

Make a layer of sour cream with the pastry bag on top of the guacamole for each shooter, using the technique described in the previous slide.

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Layer the Salsa

Pour a spoonful of salsa into each shooter, filling each glass to the brim. Salsa is more runny than guacamole and sour cream, so there is no need to use a pastry bag for this layer.

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Add the Tortilla Chip

Break off one corner of a tortilla chip, and stand it up in the salsa layer of each shooter. You can use any kind of tortilla chip that you like.

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Serve and Enjoy

For an added Cinco de Mayo touch, place a Mexican flag toothpick in each chip dip shooter. Serve with extra chips--the smaller the pieces, the better, to make for easy dunking in these petite containers. Enjoy!

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Guacamole Recipe and Ingredients

1) Rinse, dry and finely chop the tomato and cilantro. 2) Scoop the insides of the avocados into a medium sized bowl and mash with a fork to desired consistency. 3) Carefully stir in the tomato, cilantro and fresh lime juice. 4) Add salt and pepper to taste.



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