Best Products for Cleaning High-Traffic Carpet Areas

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When it comes to high-traffic areas, carpets can get dirty quick, unless you take some preventative steps and regularly clean them. Preventing dirt from building up is the best way to prevent carpet stains from happening as a result of high traffic. Also, if you know there will be a lot of people walking on your carpets, choose a color that will hide dirt well. White will show all dirt and stains vividly.

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Be cautious when using a solution to spot clean the carpet, as the fumes and liquid can be hazardous. Use the solution on a small section first to make sure it will not harm your carpet. According to the Janitorial Products Prevention Project, many cleaners contain hydrofluoric acid or tetrachlorine, which should be avoided. To make a solution for quick spot cleaning, use dishwasher detergent or a mix of vinegar and water. The vinegar will take the smell away if something has spilled on the carpet.


Vacuum your carpet regularly, and even daily if there is that much traffic. The best vacuum for you will depend on the type of traffic you experience. For example, if you have animals, you will want to get something like the Dyson DC 17 Animal Cyclone because it is designed to get all the animal hair and dirt from your carpet. The Dyson DC25 Ball All Floors can be used on both your carpet and wood floors if you want something that works for both. Or, if you want a vacuum that is fairly inexpensive and cleans a large area and that will last a long time, go with the Hoover U5507-900 Elite Auto Rewind, which is priced at around $70 (as of 2010).

Steam Cleaners Steam cleaners deep clean your carpet and save you money (compared to professional cleaners). For a steam cleaner that doubles as a vacuum, get a Bissel 2080 Quick Steamer Power Brush. This not only steams, but works as a vacuum as well. The Bissel Pro Heat 2x Healthy Home Deep Cleaner steams, cleans and sucks the water back up so that the carpet dries quicker.


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