Male Gift Ideas for Sweetest Day

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You know your man and you know what he likes, so give it to him on this special October holiday that celebrates your sweetie. Tease him with romance and treat him special. Give him a gift he would enjoy and brag about to his friends. Show him you care as you plan the best Sweetest Day possible for you and your man.



cruise ship
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Whisk him away for a romantic three-day cruise to nowhere or book an intimate weekend at a bed and breakfast for the two of you. Send a dozen red roses to his job with a box of sexy lingerie for you both to wear with a provocative picture. Treat him to strip poker and let him win.


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Sporting Gifts

tickets to horse races
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Give the sports fan two tickets to a game against the rival team with a team jersey. Give the golf enthusiast prepaid lessons and a tee time. Buy the water enthusiast a wet suit for cold weather surfing, a nautical watch for the sailor or climbing equipment for the outdoorsman. Buy a new pool stick, darts or fishing gear for your man.



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Men enjoy gadgets so pick out the newest and latest electronic for him. Give him the latest version of his favorite video game, DVDs of movies he enjoys or CDs of artists he listens to. Buy several bottles of his favorite wine or alcohol. Or you can be sneaky and give him the cologne scent you like or clothes you would like to see him wear.



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