Gifts for Women Shut-ins

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Even confined to the bed or the house, women still like to feel pretty.

When visiting a woman friend or family member who is no longer able to get out as much as she once did, bringing a gift is an appreciated gesture. Whether the person is shut in due to age, an illness or an injury, taking the time to consider her situation may help you choose an appropriate gift.

Things to Pass the Time

Books with beautiful photos are nice for older woman who may have a difficult time reading lengthly stories.

Shut-ins have a lot of time on their hands, so something to keep her busy would be a wonderful gift. Consider her interests: does she like to read? A book or a magazine subscription may be a good idea. Remember to get a large-print book if she has poor eyesight. Does she enjoy crafts or sewing? Needlepoint kits, scrapbooking materials or some pretty yarn and knitting needles will keep her busy. If she likes games, you could bring a deck of cards or a book of crossword puzzles and sudoku.

Food Items

A pot of soup is an easy food item to prepare and bring as a gift.

Many woman shut-ins cannot cook for themselves, or they are at a nursing home where they have meals from a cafeteria. Home-cooked baked goods are a sweet treat for those at a nursing home--just make sure that they aren't avoiding sugar. A casserole ready to be popped in the oven is perfect for those laid up at home. Novelty store offer gift baskets with foods like fruits and cheeses that are perfect for any shut-in.

Lift Her Spirits

A copy of your favorite CD may bring a smile to her face.

It is easy for shut-ins to become depressed or sad when they can't get out and enjoy life the way they did before. Gifts that can bring a smile to their faces are always welcome. Fresh flowers, assuming she isn't allergic, would brighten any woman's day. Photographs of grandchildren or family members, or even old photos that bring back treasured memories, in a nice frame are thoughtful gifts. Music also can lift spirits. Consider songs that are upbeat or soothing, and make sure they have a player.

Personal Items

Cosmetics can make a woman shut-in feel fresh and pretty.

Some women would appreciate makeup or perfume that they can't get out and purchase themselves. A robe, a sweater or pretty blanket to keep them warm is nice for elderly women who often get chilly. Some women would love a manicure or a haircut--arrange for someone to come to them to perform these services.

Your Time

Bring children to visit an elderly shut-in and make her day.

Nothing shows your concern and love like the gift of your time. Spending time visiting and talking with a shut-in will help her pass the time, lift her spirits and make her feel loved and appreciated.