Bifold Door Alternatives

A tapestry is one alternative to bifold doors.
A tapestry is one alternative to bifold doors. (Image: old tapestry image by sumos from

Bifold doors have their place. They take up less room than traditional doors and allow for more space inside a closet. However, bifold doors can be rather plain. Fortunately there are bifold door alternatives that allow you to add some style to your home without taking up additional space.

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Pocket Doors

Pocket doors were popular in the Victorian era. Because these doors slide back into the wall and not out into the room when opened, these doors are excellent space-savers. And, thanks to pocket door conversion kits available at your local building supply store, you can convert practically any door into a pocket door.


Tapestries were a popular design choice from the Middle Ages, if not before. Before the advent of any kind of effective interior heating, the tapestry served as an insulator on stone walls. In the Victorian era, tapestries were a popular wall treatment, valued more for their beauty than for practical use. Some of the most beautiful tapestries were created by William Morris in the late 1800s. Tapestries can be an alternative to bifold doors, especially when they hang from a curtain rod just above and inside the closet door opening. The rich colors and textures of a tapestry will add beauty to any room.


Drapes are a third alternative to bifold doors. If you install a drapery rod above the inside opening of the closet, you can hang drapes so they extend above the opening and hang down to the floor. Drapes can be plain or patterned, or even something you make yourself.


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