The Best Ways to Clean Parquet Floors

With proper care, parquet floors can maintain their beauty.
With proper care, parquet floors can maintain their beauty. (Image: blue parquet abstract image by weim from

Parquet flooring is a type of wood floor made from strips of wood secured together in a geometric pattern. Care for the floors in the same manner as regular wood flooring. Parquet floors are very durable and with regular maintenance, they will maintain their beauty.

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Sweep your parquet floors daily to remove the dirt and dust that occurs from normal foot traffic. Choose a dust mop to sweep your floors instead of using a broom with stiff bristles, which can scratch the surface of the floor. You can also use a broom with very soft bristles, or a floor sweeper that has a disposable dust cloth. Sweep your floor in order to prevent grit from settling in between the wood pieces.


Vacuum your parquet floors once a week to remove any dirt that sweeping did not remove. Use a soft brush attachment and vacuum under furniture and in corners where dirt tends to become trapped and ground in.


Choose a non-abrasive floor cleaner made specifically for wood floors. Many wood floor cleaners are available in a spray bottle so that you can spray the cleaner on the heavily soiled area and wipe it up with a completely clean, dry towel. Apply a small amount of white wine vinegar with a dry cloth to remove stains. Wipe the stain with the vinegar and leave it alone for two to three minutes before wiping it clean. Cleaners can also be purchased with floor sweepers. Apply the cleaner directly to the floor in a back and forth motion, similar to mopping tile flooring. Never use water or a damp mop on wood floor because this can cause the planks to loosen and buckle and can ruin the entire floor. Any excess water on the mop will seep into the floor and can also damage the sub-flooring.


The best way to keep your wood floors clean is with prevention. Place throw rugs in heavy traffic areas to catch dirt. Place the rugs in front of outside doors to prevent dirt from being scattered through the house. Never use cleaners or brooms that will scratch the floor and cause it to collect dirt. Place felt pads on the bottom of all furniture so they can be moved quickly. Use a clean dry cloth to immediately wipe up any spills or water found standing on the floor.


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