A DIY Space Saver for a Dining Table

Enjoy a sit down meal at your table -- no matter how cramped the space.
Enjoy a sit down meal at your table -- no matter how cramped the space. (Image: Photos.com/Photos.com/Getty Images)

Not everyone has the luxury of a formal dining room or even dining space. Carve a dining niche out of rooms that serve entirely different purposes by transforming versatile furniture pieces and wall space into innovative dining room tables. With a few screws, hinges and your imagination, you can boast a dining table in unexpected areas of your home.

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Wall Mounted Table

Enjoy a table small enough to work at or around if you're short on space, yet big enough for you and a couple of friends to utilize during meals. Saw a small breakfast table in half with a skill saw. Screw brackets underneath the bare edge. Screw them into the wall so that the table appears to come out of the wall. Set three chairs at the table for guests. It can also be used as a desk for your laptop.

Fold Out Bookcase Table

A dual purpose bookcase saves the day for those encumbered by tight spaces. Measure the top of a freestanding book case and copy the measurements onto a piece of 1/2-inch thick plywood. Cut the plywood according to the measurements. Draw a line down the center of the plywood lengthwise and cut it in half. Sand and paint the wood. Screw table leaf hinges into each side of the bookcase. Screw the other part of the hinges to the plywood. Raise and lock the table leafs in place when eating and release the locks, allowing the leafs to drop downward, when not in use.

Hidden Cupboard Table

Many small apartments include fold down ironing boards. Expand on this idea to make a fold down, Murphy-style table. Using the same hardware, but a rectangular piece of sanded and stained plywood, attach this contraption to your kitchen wall. Paint a decorative scene on the side facing the kitchen when not in use or hide it with repurposed shutters.

Repurposed Game Room

Many renters and homeowners place more value on game space than eating space. If you've squeezed a pool table or ping pong table into the small area designated for dining -- don't worry. You can have your cake and play time too. Throw a vinyl tablecloth over the table. Pull out those folding bar stools, easily stored underneath, and invite several friends to break bread around this surprisingly oversized table tucked in cramped quarters.

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