How to Clear Out the Main Drain in a House When It Is Backing Up

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Things You'll Need

  • Wrench

  • Auger

A clogged main drain may leak sewage into the home.

Drain clogs in the home can be incredibly frustrating but often easy to solve. Plunging at the source of the leak, or sending an auger down the plumbing tubes, is usually enough to remove most drain clogs. Sometimes after plunging and sending an auger snake through the pipes, the clog persists. This indicates that you may have a clog in the main drain preventing water from going down the pipes. Clearing a main drain is much like clearing any other drain.


Step 1

Locate the main drain of the home.

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Step 2

Place a bucket under the drain plug.

Step 3

Grasp the raised, square nut of the clear-out plug with a wrench. Turn the clear-out plug counterclockwise to remove it. Allow the drain to empty of water into the bucket.


Step 4

Push the end of an auger into the drain. Turn the handle of the auger to extend it into the drain until you feel it hit the clog. Turn the handle in the opposite direction to reel the snake back in before moving forward again. Continue attacking the clog with the snake until it is removed.



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