How to Fillet a Stingray

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Things You'll Need

  • Fillet knife

  • Plastic bottle

  • Tweezers

Stingray are cartilaginous fishes related to sharks.

There are eight types of stingrays. This group of rays is named after the poisonous barb found about halfway up the length of its tail. The remaining parts of the body are harmless. Most of the fish in this suborder do not have teeth. Instead, they simply ingest their food through a gummy mouth and digest it. The wings on a stingray and the cheeks are most commonly eaten. Once the stingray is filleted, there are a variety of cooking options.


Step 1

Cut off the tail at the base. If you cut the tail off too close to the barb, there is a chance of cutting into the venom sacks. There is no reason to save any part of the tail -- it is too chewy to eat. Carefully dispose of the tail. A plastic bottle with a cap works well.

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Step 2

Cut the wings off the stingray. Slice with your fillet knife from the back of the wing alongside the base up the tail, forward parallel to the body to the back of the head and between the eyes and the cheeks. The meat of a stingray is very soft. If you are getting too close to the body, you will notice that the cutting becomes more difficult, like cutting through the gristle of beef. Discard the body of the stingray.


Step 3

Puncture the skin of the stingray's wing with your fillet knife. With tweezers, lift the skin away from the meat and begin slicing under it. Be careful not to cut into the meat of the wing as you skin the ray. Lift the skin up as you slice and cut through the membrane between the meat and the skin.


Step 4

Lay the wing flat and slice into it laterally. As you cut, lift the fillet away from the wing in order to monitor the thickness of the cut. Once you have pulled the fillet away from the wing, make another lateral slice and pull the second fillet away from the wing as well. Continue pulling fillet cuts away from the wing.



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