How to Walk on a Shingle Roof

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There are several safety factors to keep in mind when it comes to attempting to walk on a shingle roof. First, you should always be certain that a roof is structurally sound before trying to walk on it. Next, you should be wearing a pair of boots or sneakers that have good traction to reduce your chances of slipping or falling. Also, it's important that you use caution when walking on a shingle roof so you can avoid causing excess damage to the roof itself.


Step 1

Inspect your roof visually before attempting to walk on it. If you see any splits or areas that appear to be damaged, avoid walking on them. Don't walk on your roof if it is wet or icy.

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Step 2

Use small, controlled steps when walking on the shingle roof. Pay attention to the surface you are walking on and watch out for any loose shingles.

Step 3

Lay a roofing ladder across the shingle roof if the pitch of the roof is too high and you are not comfortable walking on it.



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