How to Make a Mexican Wrestling Mask

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Things You'll Need

  • T-shirt (any color)

  • Scissors

  • Paper and pencil

  • Pins

  • Needle and thread or sewing machine

  • Embellishments (such as sequins, felt shapes, markers, feathers)

Mexican wrestling, also known as lucha libre, incorporates colorful characters, outlandish storylines, loosely enforced rules and colorful costumes. The wrestler's mask is a key part of his costume and it keeps his identity a secret. In fact, it would dishonor the wrestler to have his mask removed in a fight. Dress up like a luchador for a costume party or for Halloween by making your own Mexican wrestling mask.


Step 1

Decide what kind of look you want to capture with the mask. Luchador masks can represent characters as varied as superheroes, warriors, skeletons and devils. Choose the look that best fits your character's persona. Gather the appropriate decorations to transform a plain mask into a work of art.


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Step 2

Cut the T-shirt in half by using scissors. Start at the armpit sleeve and cut the material down to the bottom of the shirt. Do this for both sides of the shirt, but leave the shoulder and neck material intact.

Step 3

Measure the height of your head from your chin to your crown. Then measure the width from ear to ear around the front of your head. Add one inch to each measurement.


Step 4

Sketch out a paper template of your head shape using these measurements. Start by drawing a vertical line equaled to the height measurement. Then draw a horizontal line equaled to the width measurement that goes perpendicular to the vertical line, with each line crossing at their midpoints. Draw an oval that encircles the end points of the lines. Cut out the oval when finished.


Step 5

Lay the paper template to the T-shirt with the chin part of the paper about 1 inch away from the neck hole. Pin it in place through both layers of the T-shirt.

Step 6

Cut out the material according to the template. Be careful when cutting so you don't cut the neck of the shirt. When you are finished, you should be able to unfold the T-shirt and have two rounded shapes on each side of the neck hole. It should resemble an open clam or an oyster.


Step 7

Put the right sides of the shirt together and stitch around the mask, using a sewing machine or needle and thread. The finished result should look like a head-sized bag with the neck hole as the opening.

Step 8

Turn the mask inside out and pull it on over your head. The opening should fit snugly around your neck. Adjust the mask so the seams are comfortably placed over each ear. Using a pencil, carefully mark where your eyes, nose and mouth are on the mask.


Step 9

Remove the mask and cut out the eye, nose and mouth holes to the size and shape you desire. Hem the holes by ¼ inch to prevent tearing or unraveling.

Step 10

Decorate the mask as you see fit.


Although you can purchase Mexican wrestling masks online, when you make your own, you can customize it to suit your costume needs.

Feathers, glitter, beads and fringe can turn a basic mask into a unique piece of your character’s costume.

Try stitching sequins around the eyes.

Apply felt pieces shaped like stars or flames to the forehead, ears and cheeks.

Using a shirt made from a polycotton blend will give you a balance of durability and breathability.


Wearing a mask may limit your vision and hearing, so take extra precautions when doing activities like crossing the street.


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