Directions to Tie a Hangman's Noose

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The hangman's noose is an iconic knot

The hangman's noose or knot receives its name from the type of knot used when executing a prisoner by hanging. If you are a lure fisherman, the hangman's knot keeps the lure on your line and withstands the tension of a fish quite well. The hangman's noose is also a popular prop should you wish to attend a costume party as an old-fashioned convict. You don't need to be an Eagle Scout--or a hangman--to tie a hangman's noose.


Step 1

Create a loop at the end of the fishing line or rope with approximately 38 inches of length between the end of the line and the loop. If you plan to use this knot for fishing, run the line through the eye of the lure.

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Step 2

Create a second loop by bringing the end of the rope back towards the first loop. Pass the end of the rope under the doubled portion of the line.


Step 3

Wrap the end of the line around the doubled portion five to eight times.

Step 4

Hold the end of the rope in one hand and pull the other end to eliminate any slack in the line. If you have a fishing lure in the line, remove the slack until the knot rests directly against the lure.


The hangman’s knot can be harmful even if constructed with softer materials. Never tighten the noose if you insert your neck into the loop of a hangman’s knot.


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