How to Grind Venison

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Things You'll Need

  • Sharp knife

  • Pork or beef fat

  • Zipper type freezer bags

  • Meat grinder

  • Large bowl

Every year, hunters flock to the woods hoping to harvest a deer and have the meat known as venison to eat year-round. Once the steaks are cut, many hunters grind the remaining meat into burger to be used for hamburger and sausage. Because venison is a very lean meat, most will add either beef or pork fat to the grinding process to make the venison easier to cook and taste better. Grinding venison is not difficult and can be done at home easily with a meat grinder.


Step 1

Cut both the venison meat and the pork or beef fat into one-inch cubes using a sharp knife. For every one pound of venison, you use up to a quarter pound of fat. This will help when cooking the burgers or sausage by providing enough fat to keep them from sticking to the pan and will also add flavor.


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Step 2

Place the cubes into freezer bags and seal shut. Maneuver the cubes into a single layer inside the bags and freeze for two to four hours until almost frozen solid.

Step 3

Set up your meat grinder with the half-inch blade to start. Place a large bowl under the grinder tube to catch the meat as it falls from the grinder plates.


Step 4

Begin feeding frozen meat cubes into the grinder hopper. Turn the grinder on if using an electric model, or turn the grinding plates by hand if using a manual model.

Step 5

Alternate between grinding venison and fat until all the meat has been ground using the half-inch blade.


Step 6

Attach the eighth-inch blade to your grinder and re-grind the meat a second time.

Step 7

Add any desired spices to the ground meat in the bowl. If you are simply grinding meat for hamburger, you can skip this step.


Step 8

Mix the meat with your hands to ensure that the fat is distributed throughout the meat.

Step 9

Re-grind the meat a third time, if desired, to help distribute the fat and any spices added.


Always trim any silver skin or fat off of venison before preparing the meat for grinding. Venison fat tends to solidify unless cooked at high temperatures.

Shape the ground meat into patties or stuff into sausage casings.

Ground venison will store for approximately six to eight months in the freezer.


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