How to Remove Carpet Stains With a Steam Cleaner

When it comes to those dingy stains that just refuse to go away, the use of a steam carpet cleaner can keep those stains at bay for good. Steam cleaners don't use hot water to clean like other cleaners. Instead they propel a hot steam into the carpet or upholstery area to break up and eliminate the stains. Steam cleaners don't leave behind a moist mess like other cleaners and are less likely to permit mold growth.

Things You'll Need

  • Steam cleaner
  • Cleaning solution

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Pre-treat the stain. For best results, pre-treat the stain as soon as it happens to help make the steam cleaning more effective. Place a damp cloth over the stain for a few minutes to soak up as much as possible. Do not pound the cloth into the stain as that will serve only to deepen the stain into the carpet.

Clean the machine. Before using the machine on a stain, make sure there is no calcification or staining of the water bowl or steam jet mechanism, which might inhibit the creation and distribution of the steam. Use a cleaning solution to help dissolve the composite.

Find an appropriate cleaning solution. Steam cleaning solutions are created specifically for use with stains such as animal stains. Add this cleaner to the steam cleaner solution, or spray it directly on the stain to help loosen up the dirt, making the steam cleaning more effective. This is different from pre-treating because you can do it long after the stain has been made.

Use the steam cleaner. With the cleaning solution applied, turn on the machine and begin using it on the stain. Make a circular motion with the cleaner, hovering over the stain for several minutes until you have lifted the stain. Do not let the machine sit over one spot for very long as this can allow the water vapor to settle deep into the carpet and create a longer drying time.

Let it dry. Once the carpet cleaning has been completed and the stain is no longer visible, let it sit for several hours to dry. If the stain reappears after drying, simply repeat the procedure until the stain no longer reappears. It is possible that the stain may not completely go away no matter how much steam cleaning you do. If so, contact a professional cleaning agency.


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