How to Keep Blue Crabs Alive

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Things You'll Need

  • Large Bucket

  • Ice

  • Plastic Shelving Unit

Blue crabs are crustaceans found near the eastern parts of the United States, especially concentrated in Chesapeake Bay, in addition to several locations throughout the Pacific coast of Central America. The crab has a blue shell by nature, however, after it is cooked it turns bright red. If you have a large batch of live blue crabs but do not intend to cook them right away, you can keep them alive to maintain their freshness.


Step 1

Pour ice into a large bucket or cooler until it is one-third full.

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Step 2

Cover the ice with a baking sheet or thin piece of wood. You do not want the crabs to have access to the melting ice and cold water.


Step 3

Place the crabs into the bucket or cooler. Do not put more ice on top of the crabs. This may lower their core temperature too low and kill the creatures.

Step 4

Monitor the temperature of the cooler or bucket. Keep the temperature around 50 degrees Fahrenheit. A few degrees warmer is fine, however if the temperature drops below this point the crabs may die.

Step 5

Cook the crabs within the next few days. They should stay alive for the next few days in the environment you have created.



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