How to Make an Easy Teddy Bear

Teddy bears are prized possessions and ideal gifts. A simple teddy bear can bring smiles to a child, raise money for a charity, or be used to decorate a house. An aspiring creator can fashion a teddy bear without any previous sewing experience using a two-piece pattern. To disguise the simplicity of the pattern, you can adorn your bear with clothes, ribbons or other embellishments.

Things You'll Need

  • Printer with paper and ink
  • Scissors
  • 1 yard of fabric
  • Marker
  • Needle and thread
  • Stuffing
  • Embellishments of your choice

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Step 1

Print out a simple, one-piece teddy bear pattern, such as the one on

Step 2

Cut out the pattern and trace it onto the fabric twice. Use a marker of a contrasting color for greater visibility.

Step 3

Cut the two outlines out of the fabric with sharp scissors. Be sure to cut inside the lines.

Step 4

Create a face on one piece of fabric. Sew the face with a contrasting color thread, use small buttons or other embellishments, or simply draw the face with a marker.

Step 5

Sew the two pieces together, leaving a large opening on one side for stuffing.

Step 6

Stuff the bear with fiberfill, cotton balls, or other filling substances. Use a wooden spoon or other object to push stuffing into the arms, legs, and other areas of the bear.

Step 7

Sew the bear closed.

Step 8

Decorate with embellishments such as clothing, ribbon, iron-on patches and other items, if desired.

Tips & Warnings

  • Enlarge or shrink the patterns using computer software to create larger or smaller bears.
  • Add a personal touch to the bear by creating a name collar out of yarn and letter beads.
  • Stuff the bear evenly to avoid unnecessary wear and tear.
  • Some free patterns are copyrighted and cannot be used to create bears that will be sold for a profit. Contact the company or pattern provider for more information.


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