How to Play 100 Cup Beer Pong

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Things You'll Need

  • 200 Silo Cups

  • 60 beers

  • Ping pong balls

  • 2 cups water

  • Table

Actor Chris Evans played a minor form of beer pong in 2011 on "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon."
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Beer Pong is a traditional college drinking game. While some variations are played with paddles, the most common version calls for players on opposite sides to bounce a ping pong ball into cups on the opposite side of a table. The goal is to force the other side to "chug" all of their beers first. A regular game for solo players has 12 to 22 cups lined up opposite each other with some space in between the two for the ball to bounce. The 100-cup version is usually a team game.


Step 1

Place 13 cups across the back row of the table. Each row after that must have one less cup until the last row has just one cup. The cups must form a triangle. Set up another triangle across the table so the rows with one cup face each other.

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Step 2

Fill 30 cups on each side with beer.


Step 3

Place a cup of water on each team's side of the table. The water can be used to wash the ball off after a beer splash.

Step 4

Pick sides so three players are each team. Settle on rules regarding missed shots. In some games, one team can keep "shooting" until a ball lands in an empty cup on the other side.


Step 5

Take turns throwing or bouncing the ball across the table. For each successful splash, a player on the other team must chug that beer. When all of the cups for a team are hit, the losing team must chug all of the beers remaining on the winner's side of the table.


Use a light and cheap beer for this game.


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