How to Chlorinate a Well

How to Chlorinate a Well. If you rely on a well for your private water supply, you may have to chlorinate to keep your water safe. Chlorination kills potentially harmful bacteria and can temporarily reduce or eradicate odors in the water.

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Store a supply of water ahead of time, enough for the next day.

Disconnect any filters, water softeners or purifiers from the water system. Chlorination may harm your equipment.

Find the depth and width of your well for proper chlorination on the chart located at the Water Systems Council website. For example, a 100' well with a 5" width would require one quart of 5.25% household bleach. If you do not know the depth of your well, contact your well driller.

Remove the well cap, pouring the bleach directly into the well.

Connect a garden hose to an outdoor spigot and thoroughly rinse out the inside of the well.

Turn on all outdoor faucets and let the water run on the ground. Then turn on every faucet indoors and let the water run until you can smell the strong odor of chlorine from each one. Shut the faucets off.

Allow the chlorinated water to sit in your system for 12 to 24 hours. It will take that long for the chlorine to do its job effectively.

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